• High resolution cameras for 24×7 monitoring
  • People counting cameras at entrance points for footfall count and to know the trend of business
  • Fisheye cameras for floor areas to cover 360° view with one camera
  • Announcement for the promotions via audio I/O in camera
  • High FPS camera at cash counter to monitor all transactions closely


  • High resolution cameras at Entry Point to recognise entry of unauthorized vehicle s or person
  • ANPR cameras at Parking entry Point
  • High resolution camera with Audio integration for parking areas
  • Wide coverage cameras for lift areas
  • Control Room monitoring software for CCTV camera, VDP outdoor unit cameras, message broadcasting, SOS support, audio call, etc.

Law Enforcement

  • ANPR solution to capture the number plate & to avoid violation of traffic rules.
  • Edge-based analytics cameras equipped with analytical features like trip wire, intrusion detection, face detection, loitering, and more.
  • Body worn surveillance solution a video recording system, utilised by Law Enforcement Agencies to collect Evidence
  • Mobile DVR/NVR solutions for monitoring live feed from the site
  • PTZ cameras which are ideal for open areas, advantageous primarily for their unique feature of being able to pan-tilt and zoom in to provide close view of selected sections of the field of view.

Intelligent Traffic

  • Red light violation detection
  • Speed enforcement
  • Real-time traffic monitoring
  • Parking violation detection
  • Radar-based system
  • Traffic signal control


  • High resolution cameras and DVR will record details of the suspicious persons
  • Low light CCTV cameras will capture images in such areas
  • The proposed system will leverage existing analog camera base
  • Introduction of network video surveillance to detect potential security threats


  • ANPR system to avoid unauthorized entry of vehicles
  • PTZ cameras for perimeter protection and monitoring unauthorized intrusion
  • High-resolution cameras to monitor manufacturing processes
  • Mobile DVRs/ NVRs to monitor moving vehicles
  • Command control system for real-time monitoring of process

Health Care

  • Ultra HD IP surveillance cameras
  • IP surveillance cameras equipped with motion detection
  • HD IP surveillance cameras
  • IP surveillance cameras equipped with people counting analytics
  • IP surveillance solutions with remote monitoring feature

Safe City

  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Transport Security Management
  • Transport And Road Information System
  • Automatic Vehicle Locating System

Smart Study

  • High resolution cameras for 24/7 monitoring and recording
  • Proper identification and logs of people at entry/exit points
  • Emergency/Panic buttons at vulnerable points for immediate action
  • Restriction of entry for unauthorized people
  • Fool proof checking/frisking of weapons or non permit able gadgets


  • HD cameras in vehicles, ships, cargos etc. to create a safer transportation environment
  • Live monitoring and GPS tracking to efficiently monitor cargo and property
  • GPS to tag the video evidence with current location, quickly decide the correct incident response.
  • 3G/4G to communicate with control room in real-time for monitoring, instant report.
  • Wi-Fi to connect with emergency control room & auto download the recorded video